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How can we benefit from social media? - Eazi Blogging

 How to take advantage of social media


You must have heard the story of the lamp of Allah and his jinn. Surely it is a story and the jinn which is just a fantasy is not a reality but did you know that the jinn who is many times bigger than you are at your service. Is always present for

social media
social media

A genie that can take you to a place you've never dreamed of. This genie is so powerful that it can speed up your success many times over. This Jinn revolutionized the lives of thousands and even millions of people. The ones that no one even knew, the ones that made him such a big hero and star that people became anxious to get autographs from him.

This jinn is always waiting in my and your pocket for my master to give me an order and I will obey the order. But we never took a big deal from him, think that he had the power to lift big mountains, but we have only used it to lift pebbles.

Yes ! The 21st century I'm talking about is called "social media". Are you taking full advantage of social media? If so, the comments will tell you how. Read this article to know more about how you can use social media to your advantage. If we start using social media properly, we can reap the following benefits. 

  • Spread your message
  • Advertising
  • Money

1. Spread your message

One of the great benefits of using social media properly is that you can get your message across to millions of people without spending a fortune. There was a time when you had to spend a lot of money to get your point across, but social media has made it a lot easier. If you have a story to tell, you don't have to work very hard to get it published and spread it.

See for example the image below

Spread your message
Spread your message

This is the only traffic that visited my blog, right now my Facebook page and my YouTube channel traffic is much more than that. I am sitting in Pakistan but my message is reaching far beyond the seven seas.

2. Advertising

Social media can do a great job for you and that is that it can make you famous as soon as you see it. If a person becomes famous in a positive way, then more facilities are created for him.

I want to give you some examples, just remember these names

Blue-eyed tea drinker

Look back, look back Ahmed

Powerful girl

Highly speaking gentleman

Who are these people? These are the people who went on top trends thanks to social media. Although these are not other positive examples, they are presented to you just to understand the power of social media.

However, if viewed positively, "Qasim Ali Shah" is a great example of this. A few years ago, no one knew him, but as soon as he started using social media, Facebook and YouTube, today his videos But there are millions of views.

This means that social media, if used properly, can play a huge role in building your brand.

3. Make money

If you think about it, why do billions of people leave their homes every day, all over the world? There is just one thing, which is money. If the student is studying, it is to get a job and earn money. Someone is doing a job so why make money.

Someone is doing business so why make a profit. The biggest game in the world is "Money". Now speaking of social media (online) it can help you make a lot of money. At present, the world's largest businesses are standing on this foundation.

Let me give you some examples.


Food panda





The basis on which all of the above businesses stand is called "social media" ie if you think about making money on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and hundreds of other such platforms, more than one The option is available to you. On which you can start your work without any major investment.


So the gist of this whole article is that the world also gives new ones to the seekers, that is, if you really want to do something, the so-called social media is always at your service. How to use it now, how to use social media properly, how to do self-branding, what are the options to make money and how to use them are all things I will share with you in my upcoming blogs. Will learn

Today's blog will tell you how you felt, what you learned in the comments.

Take care of yourself. Thank you


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