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4 BIG mistakes new bloggers make (and how to fix them) - Eazi Blogging

 Today's short but very important blog is the mistake of new bloggers for those who have just started blogging. No one comes to this world to learn everything, but to come here and learn everything over time.

 I have previously written various informative blogs on social media and blogging which will be useful for you to read. The following are important blogs related to social media and blogging. After reading the above blogs, you will have a better understanding of today's blog and you will be able to move forward in a much better way. 

In today's blog Bloggers Mistakes I will share with you the four mistakes of new bloggers which are very dangerous but can be overcome if attention is paid. One thing to remember is that we only need "motivation". There is no need for "direction" before motivation.

 If the direction is not straight, then our hard work is of no use, so try to take a look at the basic accessories first, improve them and Then start creating as much content as possible. Unless your content is created and presented correctly, it will be very difficult for you to move forward and you will get bored and stop this journey here.

So let's move on without wasting time.

 Mistakes of new bloggers

1. No more ideas

This problem occurs with bloggers who start blogging without thinking and choosing their field correctly. If you do not make the right decision when choosing your title, then after writing some content you have Ideas will disappear and your blogging journey will end there. 

Therefore, it is important to first think carefully and choose a specific field for yourself about which you already have a lot of information and Then learn more over time and keep moving forward.

1. No more ideas
1. No more ideas

If you do not have a "main theme" for yourself, you will not be able to move in a straight line, but if you have chosen a specific field for yourself, then keep coming up with ideas. And you will continue to use them to the best of your ability in your blogs. 

So the first thing is that it is very difficult to move forward without the right choice of field, you may write something for a few days but you start blogging. You will not be able to continue. So today, first of all, make the right choice of your field so that your blogging journey will get better and better.

2. Don't do SEO

Every new user of social media suffers from this problem. Whether it is starting a "YouTube channel" or "blogging", people usually think that we just have to create content and then use it on YouTube. Or upload it to Blogger.

 After that everything will happen automatically. Traffic will also come automatically, visitors will also come automatically, views will also be found automatically, the channel or blog will also move forward automatically. Will

2. Don't do SEO
2. Don't do SEO

But that doesn't happen at all.

Whether it's a YouTube channel or a blog, one of the most important things to take them forward is SEO, meaning "search engine optimization". It's very important for you to keep moving forward until you learn SEO. It will be difficult. You can watch a detailed video about YouTube which is related to the SEO of YouTube videos.

The main purpose of SEO is to create and present your content in such a way that when people search for your field on YouTube or Google, your videos or your blogs will be the first to top them. Take a look. You can learn how to SEO your blog by searching on YouTube and improve the performance of your blog post.

3. Do not use images

It is also a common mistake for new bloggers to overload your blog with articles and not use photos or videos. Go and you will go without reading the blog completely. So you must use photos and videos in your blog post. 

3. Do not use images
3. Do not use images

The use of video or images is a source of attraction for the reader and he reads your blog in its entirety. The benefit is that as long as the reader stays on your blog, this thing is just as useful to you.

4. The beauty of the blog post

Taking care of the beauty of your blog and making it attractive to your readers is also the primary responsibility of a blogger. Even though your writing is full of information, it will look very strange and the reader will get bored and go back.

The great thing about this is that once the reader clicks on your blog post, it will not return without a full reading. And for that you need to add videos and photos to your blog and with it Also take into account the length, width and thickness of the text.


For example, your blog was in Urdu, but if you wrote your article from the middle or left side (English side) instead of writing from the right side, just imagine how ugly this article would look.

 If you like today's blog, you must comment after liking it. Be very careful.


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